Thank you for being a part of the “Motta Maadi Sandhipu”.Please review our arguments once again to ensure that you are adhering to the best of your abilities.Thank you

mms Agreements

  • I promise to be early at the MMS venue on or before 3.45 PM.
  • I understand that, the venue may not have restroom facilities and will plan my natural events prior to the event.
  • I understand that, everyone is coming from different environment, experience and carrying different set of emotions
  • I allow each one or the other to share their fullest and listen them without any judgments or assumptions during MMS
  • I understand that, facilitators have full rights to cancel the event with prior intimation due to unavoidable or emergency circumstances.
  • I understand that, if I fail to attend its more important as a participant to keep the facilitator or the team informed 24 hours on or before the event starts.
  • I know that, I’ve to register every month for attending MMS using my MMS ID given to me
  • I know that, Exact MMS Location will be shared only with committed (registered) users on Friday (2 days before MMS).
  • I know that, I should not STRICTLY use my Mobile phone for 3 hours during the MMS event.
  • I understand its a co-created gathering with efforts & time involved and also my responsibility to make it purposeful and impactful.

MMS Team.
Amazing Human Being