Participant Agreement & Guidelines

Motta Maadi Sandhippu (MMS) Venue Guidelines

  • Please arrive at the venue on or before 3.45 PM to allow yourself time to settle in. We value everyone’s time equally and few people coming in late would disturb the flow of the session once we begin.
  • Please park your vehicles mindfully or at the designated parking spaces indicated by our volunteers.
  • Ensure that you do not disturb the neighboring residents with loud noises, music, etc. We request you to vacate the venue soon after the event and move to other locations post the session if you wish to hang out after the session.
  • Please keep the venue free from any kind of waste that you may generate during your time there. You are welcome to volunteer in supporting us to clean up or prepare the space before and after the session.
  • Please bring along a water bottle and any other accessories needed for your primary physical comfort. Snacking while the session is taking place is not permitted.
  • Please ensure that your mobile phone is on silent mode or on flight mode during the entirety of the session. Usage of phones for texting, phone calls, video/photography, etc. is discouraged during the session time.
  • The MMS team will be capturing photos and video clips of the session for supporting our outreach. By attending the event you consent to the same. However, we assure that there will be no recording of any sensitive personal sharing from the session.
  •  I understand that organizers reserve the rights to cancel the event in case of unavoidable or emergency circumstances.
  • Registration process is mandatory to attend the Motta Maadi Sandhippu (MMS) gatherings. Both the registration form and payment are required to complete your registration. Meeting location and other details will be shared through a temporary common whatsapp group to which you will be added to. Please ensure you allow us to add your number to the same as soon as you receive the invite.

Session Agreements

  • Come with an open mind and open heart. We invite you to speak from your personal truth and lived experience from your heart and refrain from generalizing and stereotyping any person(s) or identities during your sharing.
  • All that you share and listen during the session shall be held in confidentiality. This includes sharing about what you’ve heard, posting on social media or bringing it up without consent with those who shared after the session, etc.
  • Please ensure that you do not engage in any activity that makes others feel unsafe in any way. This includes making comments, jokes about others, bullying, teasing, unsolicited advice giving, pressuring others to share personal information, touching (including hugs) without consent, etc. Let us make this a safe, non judgmental space in every way possible.
  • If deemed necessary, facilitators and organizers reserve the right to remove any person(s) from the session/venue if they are found to make others feel unsafe.The team’s decision will be final.
  • You take full personal responsibility for any exchange that happens outside of the session venue and duration and will not hold the MMS team or initiative accountable in any way for any such misconduct. Please be mindful when asking/sharing contact information or deciding to meet elsewhere for any reason.


COVID 19 Safety Guidelines & Agreement

  • I’m healthy without having any symptoms of fever or cold.
  • I’m taking extra care and personal precaution measures like wearing face mask and using Hand sanitizer as needed.
  • I take responsibility for following all safety protocols during the session for the well being of myself and others.
The above also generally extends to other forms of symptoms of common communicable diseases. We advice you to kindly rest and join us another during our next meet should you find yourself exhibiting such symptoms.

* By Clicking ‘Agree’ button you are accepting the above guidelines