Sathish Kumar B

Founder - Amazing Human Being

Sathish Kumar Balakrishnan is a Cyber Researcher who currently resides with his family in Ramapuram, Chennai. He and his wife visit several community places to learn about diverse living communities' cultures. Since 2012, he has been working on social transformation through various learning and volunteering activities with 45+ different NGO's in Chennai. In 2016, he launched an initiative called "Amazing Human Being (AHB)" after seeing that human responses to all situations in life are the root causes of all societal difficulties he encounters. Slowly, in 2018, Motta Maadi Sandhippu was born as one of AHB's projects to experiment, experience, and examine the life journeys of people from many perspectives. He had lots of opportunities to facilitate, mentor, and co-explore with people from various parts of age groups. He feel himself alive when he facilitates, hacks into a system, writes, and connects the dots of life.