Sweatha Rameshbabu

Operations, Volunteer-Amazing Human Being

Sweatha Rameshbabu occupational therapist by profession serves differently abled to gain their independence in daily activities and get them back to the society and work through traning. The satisfaction of her job gives meaning to her life.

Apart from that she owns a small business called Ezhayavai_gifts_and_jewels which is done with eco-friendly products of handmade gifts to the community by spreading awareness about waste management and sustainable living.

She is a learner and unlearner which she also shares her knowledge with people. Worked in many NGO's in Chennai as a volunteer. Currently commited to a small initiative in her own village called vasippai nesippom, where children's are taught about cultural arts and book reading through which she aims to enlighten the mind of child.

Amazing human being gave her a different perception to see the world. Motta Maadi sandhippu is one main reason for her change in life and vasippai nesippom is a idea she derived from Mottaimaadi sandhippu. She is very happy to be a part of AMS.