Ahb skill library

“Skill library, a collection of various or similar skills of an individuals who can take or offer help to one another in running a business, promoting an idea, fulfilling a wish, mastering a skill, seeking or accepting guidance, serving as a mentor, and building a dream enterprise.”


An invitation to experientially explore Gift Culture through Gift Circles every Full Moon Day. Learn about alternative economies through activities that help us express our love, trust, and connection for a more beautiful world. To know more… To explore more… Visit facebook page. Join with us.

thani oruvan

Share your dreams with the world! A brief summary of an individual’s dreams in written form, published on our website! (Send a super crisp dream of yours to +91 9840969548 #ThaniOruvan #AmazingHumanBeing )

ahb coders

Can technology truly be used to build a better world? Lets explore and make it happen! AHB Coders is a community of coders who wish to improve their coding skills and work on social challenges. Be part of a growing community of people with similar skills, passion, dreams and vision to create a better world, …

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events today

A curation of events happening in and around our various localities offering multiple possibilities opportunities available around us each day to choose from to improve our career or way of life!

ahb trek

Ahb trek is an initiative created to encourage people to be part of Nature and experience the real journey of inner self through travel. Ahb trek contributes to both physical and mental health enabling the possibility of expanding your conscious visibility towards self and the connection with this world. If you’re interested to volunteer or …

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ahb radio(daily news)

Voice your feelings, thoughts, intentions, and your personal experiences to a growing audience in your own voice! An invitation to inspire ethical and healthier journalists/journalism in & around us. listen here

ahb writers

Express your feelings,thoughts,intentions and experience through writing.We all together as a team published 4 books(Corona Kavithaigal(English/Tamil),Corono Kathaigal(English,Tamil)). Read your Favorites, English,Tamil blog for Corono Kavithaigal,Corono Kathaigal. read here read here read here read here

lets talk lets connect

Would it not be super cool to have a common platform for hosting, offering or participating in sharing our skills and knowledge with others, promoting an environment of learning, communication and bridging skill gaps?We as a team believe that every individual has their own skill, talent, passion, dream and life goals. We also understand that, …

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reflection call

A unique, everyday opportunity to connect, reflect and share (1 minute sharing per person on a short daily call with a team of 10 members.)