Mottai Maadi Sandhippu

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Space for YOUR “Emotions”. Come as strangers and go as friends!!

Thanks for being part of this “WORLD POSITIVE CIRCLE.”

 This space is mainly created to explore radical ideas, unlearn, relearn, to really re-think everything and share our life experiments and questions. Most importantly, the central purpose of this gathering is to build strong friendships, healthy community and critical connections across the city.

 A “Motta Maadi” to express honest, authentic feelings and holding space for each other values, thoughts, ideas, identities, gender, dreams and initiatives irrespective of age, race, sex, religion, colour or disabilities.

 It’s organized for each one of us and its each one of our responsibility to bring it together. It can happen only when the host, participant, facilitator and volunteers come together and hold this circle together as a world family.

 It’s happening to increase our friends circle and support each other to uplift ourselves in life bring universal love and kindness in 1st place and keep other things in next priorities.

Time: 3.30 PM – 7 PM

Date: 1st Sunday of every month

Agenda: Friends, Love, Smile, Happiness & Emotions Sharing.

For Location ping +91 9840969548

Use these hashtags, #MottaMaadiSandhippu #AmazingHumanBeing  #AHB #MMS  to share about this initiative with your friends.

Key Notes:

1. Registration is mandatory.

2. Exact Location will be shared through WhatsApp and mail on Friday [2 days before the event date].

3. We love to offer space for everyone. However, we can’t hold more than 20 people in one Motta Maadi.