Who we are

We are collection of human beings who want to create a positive impact through our actions.

It's all about You and your habits which is actually creates the real difference in everyone's life throughout the UNIVERSE.

What we do?

We practice Changing ourselves towards Universal LOVE with compassion

Motta Maadi Sandhippu

We gather in our local friend's home & have fun based activities which can improve our cognitive thinking and build a best relationship.

Let's conduct in your Locality too. Contact: +91 9840969548

Law of Attraction

We utilize existing online technology as a tool to create consistency in our habits & to share our instant emotions to fix problems

Share your passion with us and join our world family of humans. Register here.

Amazing Human Being

We strongly believe that, we are the change creators who apply our wisdom in real life with consistently following productive habits.

Share your HABITS with this world. Let the world follow GOOD productive HABITS


We empathize people to achieve their dreams in reality with ACTIONS and help them realize that, dream builds value added community

Share your DREAMS with this world. Let the world support your DREAMS which add value to PEOPLE and PLANET.


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